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Day 2

I should have done this yesterday, but Christmas was spent in RL, not here online....

"God, please help me to see what a lavish feast of Your blessings would really look like in my life, and how it would change me for Your glory."

It's hard to imagine a "lavish feast." My life has been so chaotic, with so many twists and turns, ups and downs. I hold my breath, waiting for the next disaster to strike.

Christmas day, though, was a glimpse of what my life could be like. Everyone was busy early on. The kids were checking out their gifts, I was trying to get food prepared and the house halfway cleaned up and Jesse was running around to set up Hoots PS2 and give Ryshelle her gifts.

Then everything became calm. The kids all took turns with our new PS2, Nick took his new scooter out, Chris and Lisa stopped by, my parents visited for a short time and everyone just had a great time. Brian watched John Wayne movies all day and didn't drink for the first Christmas since I've known him.

Except for a brief tantrum from Boomer when he and Nick both wanted to play the PS2, (and that ended quickly when Nick's girlfriend called), there wasn't a problem all day.

Is that what God looks like in my life? Just happiness, pleasant surroundings, loving family? that would be enough for me. It's what I really want. Okay, I want more.

Late last night, Lisa and I were talking. She's very liberal and we disagree on certain points. her parents are very conservative, more than me.
We shared some views and I think she began to understand another way of seeing things. I think she softened to some issues that she was very adamant about. Now that may not seem like a "religious" thing, but most issues are about right and wrong. We naturally touched on faith and since we share a Catholic upbringing, we found many common opinions.

In the end, she asked about his prayer that I've been saying for the past week. I had an extra book so I gave it to her. I thanked God for that opportunity to share.

So that may be a glimpse of how my life would be with God's blessings. But I want more. I want to touch others. I don't really want to shove anything down anyone's throat, but I do want to be an example of God's love in every life.

I don't think I've really claimed the goodness that God offers to each of us. I don't think I've felt I deserved it. I do. Each of us does. I am going to claim God's blessings for me and my family and share that whenever I can.
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