Scorpy01 (scorpy01) wrote in prayerofjabez,

Day 9

Open my eyes today, Lord, to see the larger life You're calling me toward.

I've been wondering exactly what territory God is going to expand. I'm not sure what to pray for exactly, so I've been vague. Today, I read that I should ask myself two questions to get an indication of where my territory is:

1. What is my overlooked opportunity?
2. Waht is my enduring passion?

Okay, my overlooked opportunity....should I be spending more time showing love to my kids? Should I be pushing them harder in the direction of God? Maybe it's their friends...should I do more than just be nice to them?

Or is my opportunity at work? Is there someone there I need to help? Is there someone for whom I can make a difference?

And then there's my enduring passion...oh my! I have so many passions. I am passionate about my kids, no doubt. I am passionate about politics, computers, loyalty, family.

I'm afraid these questions that were meant to guide me have only muddled my mind more. I'm still not sure.

Okay, God, here's a revision to my prayer....

When you increase my territory, please put a big sign on it so I'll know it's my territory.
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