Scorpy01 (scorpy01) wrote in prayerofjabez,

Day 5

Lord, what labels or attitudes have I attached to me or my life that might be limiting what You want to give me, who You want to make me, or what You want to do through me? Please show me.

Poor Jabez! His mom named him the Hebrew word for pain. During those times, a name was very important, kind of like an omen as to what a kid would be like, how his life would turn out. Jabez didn't let his name define him, though.

My own name means "from the sea" and I think that fits me, since I have a passion for the ocean.

But what have I labeled myself? Average? I'm not stupid and I'm not brilliant. I'm not fugly and I'm not gorgeous. I'm not evil and I'm no saint. I'm average.

I guess "average" limits me. It says that I don't have to excel. It lowers expectations. It keeps me from looking for something magnificent in my life. Maybe it allows me to keep quiet about my faith and is an easy excuse for when I do the less than Christian thing. Average holds me back.

I will look for a new label that You intended for me. Even if it means hard work on my part, or more trust in You, I will accept that label.

I do want to meet my potential, then shoot even higher. I can only do it through God. I know this. I am searching for the message in my life, the arrow that points me in the right direction.

I'm ready, God. Show me.
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