Scorpy01 (scorpy01) wrote in prayerofjabez,

Day 3

What are the main reasons I don't ask God for His blessings?

Hmmm...I do ask God to bless my food. I ask for blessings for others. Until reading the Prayer of Jabez, I did not ask God to bless me very often, if at all. I guess it seemed a bit selfish, to ask for something for myself.

But God is a parent. I am a parent. I give my kids certain things because they're my kids; if they want the extras, they have to let me know. If they ask, and I can give it, I do. God can give me the extra blessings but I've got to ask. That's what I'm doing now and for the past 3 days.

I really do want to see blessings in my life. I really do want everything that is good and there for me.

Okay, God, Bless Me. Give me Your Blessings today.
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